Youth Mission Statement

  • The underlaying philosophy for CHC’s Youth section is to provide a fun, welcoming, safe and inclusive learning environment that allows children to develop their fundamental movement skills through playing hockey.
  • By implementing this mission statement we aim to provide an opportunity for children on Dublin’s Northside to play hockey and foster lifelong participation in the sport.
  • The integration of Youth members into the Senior Section of the club at 15 years of age is also a key element of ensuring CHC continues to grow and is sustainable into the future.
  • We are striving to deliver this while focusing on developing a Youth Section which prides itself on the quality of coaching for all age groups and children/young adults of all abilities

Guiding Principles

  • Fun & Safety: The top priority is that each child has fun in a safe environment, while developing their hockey skills to their maximum potential. We hope that each child will develop a real passion for hockey, which will make them want to improve and progress. Our aim is to keep children playing hockey for many years.
  • (Small Groups: We aim to have a high coach / player ratio in each age group. This ensures that during each coaching session players are split into small groups to work on specific skills, allowing for each player to have as much on the ball practice time as possible.)
  • Skills progression: Led by Director of Youth Hockey, Gareth Borland, the youth section has introduced a development plan of what skills each child should be learning at each age group so that there is a co-ordinated approach to coaching. This means that by the time they are U16 they have a full range of hockey skills.
  • Team Selection: Up to and including U12s teams the youth section has a policy of mixed ability teams. Players participate in various matches and blitzes throughout the season.
  • As the boys and girls reach secondary school and the standard of hockey increases training continues to be in mixed ability groups but teams for matches are selected on merit. Each player will be on a team with those of similar ability. There are a number of factors taken into consideration in team selection including ability, progression, player position, and effort and attendance at training and matches. Teams are always open to change throughout the season as we acknowledge that players progress at different rates and we ask parents to respect the coach’s opinion.
  • Once the boys and girls turn 15 they may be invited to play train and play matches for the senior section of the club. Each player is invited to join the senior club once they leave the Youth Section.