The Ladies 2s were off to an early start this week, leaving Dublin, in the dark, for an 11am start in Wexford. With a strong team of 14 we were confident we would put some deserved goals away and maybe even come away with a few points.

After a slight panic with the umpiring situation (thanks to Kirsty Moore for stepping up!) the game got under way. We started strong, with plenty of play in Wexford’s half, but unfortunately let the game run away from us a bit conceding 3 goals from a combination of short corners and quick play.

We didn’t leave without a goal though, thanks to a strike from Lauren McClean in one of the plenty of short corners we won. Another chance from Ailish O’Neill hit the crossbar in a goal attempt from play. These chances just show that there are goals (and wins!) to come from the 2s!

Hopefully next week, in the cup against Muckross, we can convert some of those chances!

Thanks again to Sorcha, Sadbh and Ailish for playing and well done to Hannah Moore with Man of the Match.  


Match: Clontarf Ladies’ 2s vs Wexford, 28/10/17

Result: 1-3

Written by: Emily McMullen