Off the back of a solid vein of form in recent weeks, the Men’s 2s welcomed Corinthians to the Bull Ring hoping to maintain their winning streak. With the Irish rugby and football teams in action too, you wouldn’t have been criticised for thinking the Men’s 2s game was still the stand out tie of the day. With the bleak November weather upon us, Senan rallied the troops ready to pick up 3 points.

Things didn’t start according to the plan however, when Michael ‘Milo’ Fulham decided to take on 2 players on the halfway line, lost the ball, some other things happened and then they scored on a rebound. Bottom line is Milo should have passed the ball, nothing to do with the fact I fell and missed my tackle afterwards… The Tarf responded perfectly however when Kev found some space on the left and crossed the ball for Lukey to deflect into the far corner. A minute later the turnaround was complete as a shot was saved but fell to the unmarked Ciller who calmly slotted home. Another Kev Murray run and cross led to Jack putting the ball in for 3-1.

We then decided to stop playing hockey for the last 10 minutes of the half, much to the dismay of a particularly angry Elliot Hughes. In a half time hairdryer treatment that even Roy Keane would have been proud of, he ‘gently’ reminded us to start playing well again. Living in fear of the consquences of not doing so, Clontarf controlled the second half, adding a fourth through Simon and another Kev Murray assist. Despite his on pitch claims that he was hockeys Mesut Ozil after a hat trick of assists, no one was buying it.

Senan got chipped to bring the game back to 4-2 but we held on for our third consecutive win. After 70 minutes of hockey and more importantly, 70 minutes of having Scott shout at us from the sideline, we all piled into Harrys for a much needed drink and settled in for the evening of sport. With the league leaders to come next week, lets hope the 2s can maintain their form!


Match: Clontarf Men’s 2s vs Corinthians, 11/11/17

Result: 4-2

Goals: Lukey x 1, Ciller x 1, Jack x 1, Simon x 1

Written by: Sean Cassidy