With the departure of our long-standing coach, GB, it was always going to be a transition year for our young squad. At the start of preseason, it felt like we were staring down the barrel of a coach-less season but thankfully, Craig agreed to take the reins and has taken to it like an Aussie to a BBQ. At times this season we looked like a top 3 team, but at others, we looked like a blue square north conference team. We are a rebuilding hockey team but some of the hockey we played this year has given us real confidence for next season.

Another huge positive this year was our other Aussie, Max Harris. He had a very positive effect on our young team and having another experienced teammate who was willing to throw a forward pass or two, unlike our skipper Luke, made a huge difference to our new attacking and open style of play Craig was trying to implement.

The highlight of the season had to be our voyage down the M9 to Kilkenny for one of last league games and very enjoyable overnight stay. Probably our best performance of the season both on and off the field was on display that weekend and young lads like David Lawless and Mark Duggan really showed how they have improved over the course of the season. The old guard of Lenno and Scotty were unfortunately called home by their other halves to mind their young children, which was bitterly disappointing but very understandable.

A very sore spot for the forward line, and probably the team as a whole, is our eventual top goal scorer this year. A massive well done must go to the one and only Sean “The Prawn” Cassidy on scooping the award despite still struggling to hit a hockey ball.

A massive thank you must be given to our management team this year who put in countless hours of behind the scenes work. Craig, with some help from the very experienced Dave Passmore, has come in and done a fantastic job keeping us together and rebuilding a new squad this season. We are on the right track and next season is set to be an exciting year. Another huge thank you to our Skip, Luke Hayden, whose dedication and hard work can never be questioned to our team and club.

Thanks lads and here’s to 2018/2019!!!

Written By: Robert Forrest