Halloween weekend didn’t turn out too scary for the Ladies 3rds thankfully. We came upon our local rivals, Suttonians, AKA the Derby. A beautiful afternoon in the Bull Ring and we started off the first quarter beautifully with two goals, one from Sue and another nicely worked from Triona.

This gave us a nice boost, so we kept going hell for leather at it! Sutts, to be fair, used their pace and didn’t let go of the game, although they had a few shots on goal, our Niamh was having none of it, and our backs were also clearing it away nicely over and over.

So the Tarf ladies kept attacking, and Ailish powered the ball into the roof of the net, taking no prisoners en route! Not taking the feet off any pedals, Emma then took her turn to bury one, and sure Ailish decided to round off the game to just the 5 goals before the final whistle was blown. Lots of running and lots of team work paid off thankfully!

Final Score: 5-0

Goal scorers: Sue Lawless, Triona Bannerman, Ailish O’Neill x2, Emma Bailey

WOTM: Ailish O’Neill

Match Report: Ladies 3s vs Suttonians, Saturday 30th October 12.30PM 

Written by: Sue Lawless