Hockey lovers far and wide throughout Dublin were thrilled with a mild temperature (8 degrees) and beautiful sunlight which was to set the stage for the much anticipated match between Clontarf and YM.

It wasn’t until we arrived up the mountain that the temperature dropped 5 degrees within a matter of seconds and the poor souls at Wesley College were yearning for their cashmere scarves and coffee mugs.

In previous years the lads had come off second best to this motley crew and we were determined to turn things around.

The match begun at an unprecedented intensity to what we had experienced in recent weeks. When we went down 0-1 many lads were staring longingly at their car warmers and Bobbo’s absurd collection of sub-par beanies. Affairs did heat up as the lads responded with a great goal from Kev ‘madman’ Murray and a flick from Timmy which beat the keeper straight down the middle.

Craigo was pleased with our half time effort, however he encouraged us to keep our foot on the throat and keep attacking. When Kev put us up 3-1 with a well directed push the game was ours to lose.

The tide turned after we conceded a few corners and cards and unfortunately we allowed YM back into the game. In contrast to the first half, we struggled to bring the ball out of the backline and remain calm in the attacking circle.

After YM had snuck into the lead through a penalty corner some of the lads decided to slag off the opposition. Unfortunately the typical Irish trashtalk was lost on a team made up of South Africans.

At the end of the day we failed to hold onto a commanding lead and fell victim to a bunch of Springboks who took their chances in the circle.

Plenty to work on in the coming weeks and we will turn results back in our favour.


Match: Clontarf Men’s 1s vs YMCA, 04/11/17

Result: Lost 3-5

Goals: Murray x 2, Cullen x 1

Written by: Max Harris