A cloudy Saturday arises, with Dublin University and their bouncy pitch waiting for Clontarf 3s. After the victory against UCD last week, the lads want to keep going down this victorious path. With the absence of Poynter on the sidelines, Billy has taken on the mantle and lead the guys in the team talk. Just in time, the match began with a tough Trinity on the other side. After the first 10 minutes, the players of DU demonstrated good communication, doing the hard  task of defending.

Another couple of minutes ran by and DU scored their goal.

However, a team full of concentration with Kev and Peter shouting from the back to organize the counter attack, the steeliest 3s grew exponentially in the game and the draw level: the first goal, in the chaotic area where Ian pushed the ball and helped it to pass through many sticks and the goalkeeper.

Halftime finished 1-1, time to refresh and cheer.

During the second half, a stronger DU showed their true colors and the friction began to appear more and more obvious, even Kev O’H got a green card for 5 minutes. The 3s realized that they needed a goal as soon as possible. With so much patience, smarter simple passes also good tackles (Well done Luke!), the second goal came from the stick of Sir Billy.

In the last minutes and Tarf kept going on and on. Final whistle (the lads had got a short corner in the last move but it ended outside the area).

Another day, another dollar, another victory and two weeks off of hockey.

Match Repor: Mens 3s vs Trinity, 27th January 2018, Away
Final Score: 2-1
Goal scorers: Ian & Billy
Written by: Bruno Martínez