Ladies 2s headed across the Liffey on Saturday, with the hope of getting another 3 points to push them that bit further up the table. Having had a tough week finding an umpire and coming to grips that we would be missing the rugby we were sure we needed to make this game count.

The game started off well with 11 on the pitch and 3 on the bench, however we weren’t sure which Muckross team would turn up to play us this time round. Lauren McClean scoring in the first half from a corner meant we on top but needed another goal to secure our lead. Everyone threw in their two pence worth at half time as our coach Bobbo was unable to make the game. Luckily we had some supportive parents out including Mr. Dinsmore who would absolutely give Bobbo a run for his money, but was a great voice to have on the side line.

The second half started off well with some extra legs as Lorna arrived from the 1s. We had several chances in the D, however shortly after Muckross scored making it an even game. Some might say it was the “goal of the season” for Muckross, but others might say that’s nonsense. Our defence did well having to defend several corners in the second half, and one very controversial call in the final minute which was thankfully overturned by our umpire Fionn. Shout out to our goalie Elaine for keeping the heads calm!

A special thanks to Fionn for umpiring, the Dinsmores for their outstanding vocals and all who doubled up for us.


Final Score: 1-1


Goal Scorer: Lauren McClean


MOTM: Katie Dinsmore


Written by: Katie Byrne