‘Twas a strange and quiet day in Mount Temple on Sat. We had a home game at 12 o’clock and we were opening up the pitch as there hadn’t been any matches before us and there were no matches after us!

There was a lovely feeling about the place as our two umpires, who seemed to know each other from the hockey circuit, told myself and the Genesis captain to tell our teams to enjoy the match and run to keep warm.

And run we did!!

The sense of calm and quiet continued onto the pitch as we all came together as a team and did what we needed to do. There seemed to be a good flow to our hockey. Throughout the game everyone gave their all and we were rewarded for our hard work with a cracking goal by Alice Hutchinson.

All in all it was a great match to play and even before we scored everyone seemed happy with how we were doing. Everyone really pulled together. So much so that when it came to naming wotm six names were mentioned!!

Well done all. Let’s do it again this weekend.


Match Report: Ladies 5ths vs Genesis, Home, 03/02/2018

Final Score: 1-0

Written by: Olive O’Donoghue